Through the Serge & Olga Koussevitzky Young Artist Awards, the Musicians Club of New York consistently identifies and presents some of the very best upcoming artists, and by cycling annually through strings, piano, winds/brass, voice, and occasionally other categories, the Club is able to identify a wide range of exceptional artists. A rigid application process requires either a letter of recommendation or a major competition prize, or, in the case of vocal, an audition recording. Every participant is respected from the beginning as a colleague by the Musicians Club of New York.


2023, Voice

First Prize- Samuel Kidd, Baritone

Second Prize- Kerrigan Bigelow, Soprano

Third Prize- Sara LeMesh, Soprano

2019, Woodwind/Brass

First Prize - Bixby Kennedy, clarinet
Second Prize - Lucija Stilinovic, flute 
Third Prize - Chun Sum Chris Wong, flute
Finalist ($250) -  Julie Nah Kyung Lee, flute
Finalist ($250) - Tae Ho Hwang, saxophone 

2018, Piano
First Prize - Sun-A Park
Second Prize - Sophiko Simsive
Third Prize - Wenting Shi
Fourth Prize - Chrstopher Goodpasture

2017, Strings
First Prize - Wei Lu, violin
Second Prize - Mo Mo, cello
Third Prize - GiYeon Yoon, violin

2016, Voice
First Prize - Michelle Bradley, soprano

Second Prize - Galeano Salas, tenor
Third Prize - Virginie Verrez, mezzo soprano

2015, Woodwind/Brass
First Prize - Caleb Hudson, trumpet
Second Prize (tie) - Andy Cho, clarinet
Second Prize (tie) - Yen-Chen Wu, bassoon

2014, Piano
First Prize - Meng-Sheng Shen
Second Prize - Yang Liu
Third Prize - Yue Chu

2013, Strings
First Prize - Ha Young Jung, double bass

Second Prize - Tavi Ungerleider, cello
Third Prize - Katha Zinn, violin  

(2011 and 2012 not held)

2010, Voice
First Prize - Joyce El-Khoury, soprano
Second Prize - Jennifer Glière, soprano
Third Prize - Jorell M. Williams, baritone 

2009, Woodwind/Brass
First Prize - Alexander White, trumpet

Second Prize - Yoobin Son, flute
Third Prize - Paul Won Jin Cho, clarinet
Adjunct Award - Curtis Prichard, euphonium

(2007 and 2008 not held)

2006, Piano
First Prize - Ching-Yun Hu
Second Prize - Roman Rabinovich
Third Prize - Masha Massiuk-Korf
Fourth Prize - Alexey Koltakov

2005, String
First Prize - Yulia Sakharova, violin
(others tk)

(2001-2004 not held) 

2000, Piano
First Prize - Héctor Sanchez

Second Prize - Gabrielius Alekna

1999, Woodwind/Brass
First Prize - Andrew Day, flute
Second Prize - William Bomar, flute
Third Prize - Tong Cui, oboe
Adjunct Award Winner - Alice Dade, flute
Adjunct Award Winner - Oskar Espina-Ruiz, clarinet

1998, String
First Prize - Andrey Tchekmazov, cello
Second Prize - Hrant Parsamian, cello
Ju Young Baek, violin
Hung-Wei Huang, viola
Troy Rinker, double bass
David Frühwirth, violin

1997, Voice
First Prize - Kaori Sato, lyric soprano
Maire O'Brien, soprano
Paul Bellantoni, bass baritone
Thomas Meglioranza, baritone

1996, Piano
First Prize - Gustavo Diaz
Ji Eun Kang
James Lent
Jeremy Denk

1995, Woodwind/Brass
First Prize - Demarre McGill, flute
Second Prize - Jörg Widmann, clarinet
Adjunct Award Winner - Hye Ri Yoon, flute
Adjunct Award Winner - Alison Veronica Potter, flute

1994, String
First Prize - Francois Salque, cello
Second Prize - Lara St. John, violin
Third Prize - Alexis Pia Gerlach, cello
Fourth Prize - Gilad Karni, viola

1993, Voice
First Prize - Eleni Matos, mezzo soprano
Second Prize - Oxana Arkaeva, soprano
Third Prize - Ricardo Tavura, tenor
Adjunct Award Winner - Cristina Fontanelli, soprano

1992, Piano
Prize money was distributed evenly among 5 finalists:
Thomas Bagwell
Ossie Borosh
Wai Cheng
Tatanya Goncherova
Aleksandar Serdar

1991, Woodwind/Brass
First Prize - Elizabeth Ostling, flute
Second Prize - Igor Begelman, clarinet
Third Prize - Catherine Ransom, flute

1990, String
First Prize - Chui-Yee Lee, cello
Second Prize - Stephanie Finn, cello
Third Prize -Catherine Sim, violin 
Adjunct Award Winner - Joshua Gordon, cello
Adjunct Award Winner - Jeremy McCoy, bass
Adjunct Award Winner - David Niwa, violin

1989, Voice
First Prize - Young Ok Shin, soprano
Second Prize - Brian Matthews, bass
Third Prize - Michele Franco, soprano
Adjunct Award Winner - Matthew Lord
Adjunct Award Winner - Nancy Rathbun

1988, Piano
First Prize - Avner Arad
Second Prize - Janet Newman
Third Prize - Margaret Kampmeier
Adjunct Award Winner - Dan Wen Wei
Adjunct Award Winner - Kyoung Seun Pee
Adjunct Award Winner - Tatiana Rankovich

1987, Woodwind/Brass
First Prize - Susan Hoeppner, flute
Second Prize - Todd Palmer, clarinet
Third Prize - David Fidele, flute

1986, String
First Prize - Mihai Tetel, cello
Second Prize - Hee-Jin Paik, cello
Third Prize - Alexander Simionescu, violin
Adjunct Award Winner - Erik Harris, double bass
Adjunct Award Winner - Sang Min Park, cello

1985, Voice
First Prize - Lynnen Yakes, mezzo soprano
Second Prize - Mary McClain, lyric soprano
Third Prize - Mary Winston Smith, coloratura soprano
Adjunct Award Winner - Kenn Hicks, tenor

1984, Piano
First Prize - Frederick Blum
Second Prize - Hae Jung Kim
Third Prize -Gregory Slag

1983, Woodwind/Brass
First Prize - Laura Paulu, flute
Second Prize - Robert Ford, flute
Third Prize - Martin Mangrum, bassoon

1982, String
First Prize - Laura Hamilton, violin
Second Prize - Paul Neubauer, viola
Third Prize - Julie Rosenfeld, violin
Adjunct Award Winner - Stephen Balderson, cello
Adjunct Award Winner - John Feeney, double bass

1981 (information missing)

1980, Voice
First Prize - Cynthia Karnstadt, soprano
Second Prize - Gail Hadani, soprano
Third Prize - Susan Neves, soprano

1979, Woodwind/Brass
First Prize - Thomas Friedman, French horn
Second Prize - Tyra Gilib
Third Prize - David Henderson

1978, String
First Prize - Carolyn Davis, double bass
Second Prize - Paul Gati, violin

1977, Piano
Prize money was distruted evenly among 5 finalists:
Michael Blum
Virginia Lum
Douglas Montgovery
Henry Palkes
Joanne Polk

1976, Voice
First Prize - Maxine Davis
Second Prize - Sharon Edgeman

1975, Woodwind/Brass
First Prize - Jeff Cohan, flute
Second Prize - Stewart Newbold, clarinet
Honorable mention: Andrew Cordle, bassoon
Honorable mention: Wendy Denbaum, flute

1974, String
First Prize - Nils Oliver, cello
Honorable mention: Philippe Djokoc, violin
Honorable mention: Bruce Dukoff, violin
Honorable mention: Carol Webb, violin

1973, Piano
First Prize - Marian E. Hahn
Second Prize - Paul Baer
Second Prize - Gary Steigerwalt
Second Prize - Peter Vinograde
Third Prize - Gary de Sesa
Third Prize - Steven Mayer
Third Prize - Ian Shapinsky
Fourth Prize - Roy Jennings
Fourth Prize - Mary Stanton

1972, Voice
First Prize - Pamela Herbert, soprano
Second Prize - Stephen R. Berman, baritone
Third Prize - Peggy Pruett, soprano

1971, Woodwind/Brass
First Prize - Ransom Wilson, flute
Second Prize - David Stern, clarinet
Third Prize - David Shifrin, clarinet

1970, String
First Prize - Irene Beslau, viola
Second Prize -Fred Slatkin, cello
Honorable mention: R. Frederickson, double bass
Honorable mention: Louis Halle Rowen, cello

1969, Piano
First Prize - Robert DeGaetano
Second Prize - Peter Schaaf
Third Prize - Sandra Rivers
Honorable mention: Michael Schub

1968, Voice
First Prize - Robert Owen Jones, tenor
Second Prize - Lee Bellaver, soprano

1967, Harp
First Prize - Karen Krisel
Second Prize - Frances Cohen
Third Prize - Sylvia Sanders

1966, Woodwind/Brass
First Prize - Paul Dunkel, flute
Second Prize - Paul Green, clarinet

1965, String
First Prize - Martha Gerschefski, cello
Second Prize -Ann Rylands, violin
Third Prize - William A. Rhein, double bass

1964, Piano
First Prize - Bonnie Bogle
Second Prize -Dolores Holtz
Third Prize - Bela Szilagi

1963, Voice
First Prize - Mary Beck, soprano

1962, String
First Prize - Charles Castleman, violin
Second Prize -Evalyn Steinbock, cello

1961, Woodwind/Brass
First Prize - Paula Robison, flute
Second Prize - Sherman Friedland, clarinet

1960, Voice
First Prize - Jean Kraft, contralto
Second Prize - Joseph Williiams, tenor

1959, Piano
First Prize - Armenta Adams
Second Prize - Mitchell Andrews
Third Prize - Augustin Anievas

1958, String
First Prize - Gilda Muhlbauer, violin
Second Prize - Jules Eskin, cello
Third Prize - Stanley Hoffman, violin

1957, Voice
First Prize - Judith Raskin, lyric soprano
Second Prize - Carl White, baritone

1956, Piano
First Prize - Claudette Sorel
Second Prize - Carol Smith